Our preferred installers will contact you and arrange a mutually convenient time to do your installation – anything from the next day to one week.

The time taken to install the product depends on the length of your property (typically a team can install ± 60m per day). A second team can assist if the installation is very large and / or urgent.
We have yet to find a wall we cannot install our spikes onto. As long as the wall is reasonably solid (concrete, wood, pre-cast, vibrocrete, etc.) we can install on it.
Depending on how badly overgrown it is, our installers can clear it, but they only clear what is necessary for the installation. They will not be held responsible for the removal of the overgrowth. The Customer will be advised if there are any costs incurred for this extra work.
We recommend that the product be installed above a height of 1.5m to keep it out of range of children, but it is a security device with sharp spikes so children should be warned about its dangers. Every installation is fitted with clear warning signs, but we do advise parents to make sure their children understand the dangers.
We have two leaves available – the variegated Ivy leaf and the solid green Vine leaf. The only difference is the colour – the shape of the leaves and the stems are the same.
Yes, the spikes can either have a galvanised finish (dull silver) or may be powder coated in which case you may choose from a range of colours, for example: Green, White, Black or any other colour.
It is a security spike designed to fit on all walls and fences. It can follow any contour of the perimeter wall.
Our product is available and can be installed without leaves.
The product was patented at the end of 1999 and came onto the market in May 2000.
The product is manufactured and available in Durban and Cape Town.
The product has been comprehensively tested. The manufacturers offer a full four-year working guarantee. This doesn't include rust.
Our preferred installers have samples available and can also inform you of where the product was installed in your area for you to view.
This depends on two things: The length of your wall / fence and the product you choose to buy. Our installers have a standard price list that they will go through with you.

Standard prices can vary depending on specific circumstances, for example if you need a wall repaired or cleared for the installation.

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